Women seem to be close friends in the photo, knowing the truth behind the picture will blow their senses!

Sometimes it is not what it looks like in the pictures. Yes, eyes can be deceiving. You must be considering the women appearing in this picture, which is becoming very popular on TikTok, as Mother Daughter mistaken as Friends, or two sisters. However it is not so in real life. Their relationship is even closer than that.

When TikToker @cynthiaslam put this picture and some videos on social media for his followers, he immediately commented on the picture and told them friends among themselves. Even some people called it a pair of two sisters. Then when the truth behind the picture came out, they were forced to rub their eyes. Actually these women are not Mother Daughter mistaken as Friends but mother and daughter.

look completely different from each other
Looking at the pair of mother-daughter (Young Looking Mother) living in Nashville, America, no one can say that there will be such a difference in their age. Although it is true that Cynthia has taken this picture with her teenage daughter only. Along with this picture, he has also shared an old photo of himself and his daughter. In both the photos, Cynthia and her daughter are seen in the same pose. Just this picture is from many years ago and a new picture has just been taken. Cynthia’s daughter’s Nain Naksh is also very different from her mother, so seeing her, it is difficult to believe that she is mother and daughter.

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Social media hit the couple
Cynthia works as a critical care nurse. She is also very active on social media. So far more than 3 lakh 69 thousand people have seen this picture and video of him, while thousands of people have commented on it. Commenting on this, a person has said that he was not at all sure that this is the truth behind this picture. Another person says that he thought that these two were dating each other. At least there are no mother and daughter. Most people have showered love on Cynthia’s young looks, saying that she looks very young and does not seem to be the mother of such an elder daughter from anywhere.

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