Woman used to sweep people’s house, started such work that now earns Rs 3.5 crore in 1 year!

The woman told that her husband supports her a lot in this work and with his support she has started this work.  (Photo: Instagram/@texasthighs)

The woman told that her husband supports her a lot in this work and with his support she has started this work. (Photo: Instagram/@texasthighs)

A woman from America used to clean the house of others to run her house. But she left that work and started a work through which she now earns more than Rs 3 crore per year (Woman earns 3 crore rupees per year).

It is said that poverty can force a person to do anything. But the person who has the passion to move forward, even in poverty, he finds some way or the other by which his condition improves. However, sometimes the work done to improve the situation is not accepted by other people. A woman from America started such a work, from which she started earning big money, but only the family members started looking at her with contempt.

woman earns crore rupees from bold photos 1

More than 11 lakh people follow Kourtney on Instagram. (Photo: Instagram/@texasthighs)

There was a time when 38-year-old Courtney Ann, living in Texas, USA, used to sweep people’s homes. Her husband Nick used to do small jobs in the field of marketing. Courtney also had two daughters and the entire house was run by husband and wife together. Her husband used to leave early in the morning for the job. After that he had to do all the household chores, the daughters had to leave the school and then it was their responsibility to bring the household items. After that she used to work in other houses and return home till evening. Her life was full of difficulties and she used to weave ideas to improve her condition financially. He was very fond of running social media and many times he used to see pictures of models on it. Nick always used to tell Kourtney that she also looks beautiful like those models and she too should share her bold photos on social media.

Started creating adult content
Following her husband’s advice, Kourtney created an account on Instagram and started sharing her bold photos. Within a few days, his account started growing a lot and with the help of Instagram, he started earning a lot. After some time, she created her account on the adult subscription site Onlyfans and started selling her nude photos on it. Kourtney’s husband Nick also supported her a lot and now he does her photoshoots. Courtney says that in no time her earnings increased 10 times from her previous job. She now earns more than Rs 3.5 crore in a year. Both have quit their jobs and work solely on creating content. The children of the couple are also very intelligent and they do not judge their parents for their actions. According to Courtney, now those people move around a lot and are spending a lot of Ash’s life. It is only sad that many people of Kourtney’s mother Samate family have objection to this work. He does not like to make adult content of Kourtney. That’s why he doesn’t talk to them.

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