Woman claims to have sex with dolphin, ‘boyfriend’ commits suicide after ‘breakup’!

Social media is a place where strange news always remains a topic of discussion. The news about which we are going to tell you today is also very strange and you may not even believe this news but it is true. Today we are going to tell the story of an elderly woman who claimed a few years ago that she had sex with a dolphin in her youth!

woman had sex with dolphin

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Your senses must have been blown away after reading this, but the story of this woman is quite famous. Margaret Howe Lovat, a resident of America, is 79 years old and she is a former naturalist. A few years ago, he made a shocking revelation. Margaret had told that she had sex with a dolphin at the age of 20 and the dolphin had become very fond of her. In the 1960s, NASA started a project through which scientists were trying to talk and communicate with dolphins. Under this project, by teaching dolphins the art of talking, they had to establish communication with them and so that they could get more information about them. Margaret got herself written on the recommendation of the head of this project and reached the Caribbean island of St. Thomas.

Margaret told that there were 3 dolphins. One male dolphin was Peter and the two female dolphins were Pamela and Sissy. Margaret told in one of her interviews to the BBC that Peter was very mischievous and that he was at the age of many changes in his body. During this whole experiment, a very good relationship was established between Margaret and Peter (Woman Dolphin relationship). Peter did not like it when Margaret used to spend time with the other two dolphins. She used to teach Peter the alphabets of English. This bonding of both of them became very deep and according to Margaret, Peter fell in love with them. Margaret said that the experience was associated with physical pleasure for Peter but was not the same for him.

woman had sex with dolphin

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But this association of Margaret and Peter could not last long. NASA sent another scientist there and Margaret had to leave. According to him, Peter had become so attached to him that he could not bear their separation and he committed suicide. According to the report, the dolphin died due to drowning. Dolphins sometimes have to come to the surface to breathe, but people believed that Peter did not come to the surface and died due to being under water for a long time.

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