With the arrival of the Taliban, the threat of al-Qaeda attack on America, reveals intelligence officials

Washington. After the Taliban’s control over Afghanistan, Al-Qaeda can raise its head. Two US intelligence officials have admitted that the US may be under attack within a year or two. In the Intelligence Conference, the Chief of Defense Intelligence Agency, Lt. General Scott Barrier (Lt. Gen. Scott Berrier) said that in a year or two, the terrorist organization Al Qaeda will be capable of threatening America.

CIA deputy director David Cohen said the US had already discovered al-Qaeda’s activities in Afghanistan. However, he said that it is difficult to tell when he will be ready to attack. Let us tell you that even before America left Afghanistan, similar intelligence warnings have been given.

Threat from other countries more than Afghanistan
President Biden also gave his clarification on the decision to leave Afghanistan, accepting that Al Qaeda would return. At the same time, intelligence experts have also warned many times that the Taliban have links with Al Qaeda. Cohen, however, did not clarify whether al-Qaeda terrorists had returned to Afghanistan. Director of National Intelligence Avril Haynes said that the biggest threat to America is from foreign terrorists, who come from Yemen, Somalia, Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan. But he is at the bottom of this list due to two decades of American troops living in Afghanistan. Our focus should be on the rest of the country.

Al Qaeda commander identified from video
According to a video posted on social media, senior al-Qaeda commander Amin ul-Haq, who was Osama’s security chief, has returned to his home town in the Nangar province of Afghanistan. He was living in Pakistan for two decades. The video showed Amin driving through a Taliban checkpost, shaking hands with people and posing for photographs. At the same time, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken has admitted before the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee that the relationship between Al Qaeda and the Taliban is not broken.

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