Will give refuge in America to those who help against Taliban – Joe Biden

Washington. US President Joe Biden has announced asylum to Afghan civilians helping the US Army in the fight against the Taliban in Afghanistan. Along with this, he said that first such people will be identified, who have helped the US Army during the war of Afghanistan. Biden wrote in his tweet that those helping America will help Afghan citizens. After the investigation, Afghan citizens will be sheltered in America and welcome to their new homes in America.

US President Joe Biden tweeted, “Once screened and cleared, we will welcome the Afghans who helped us with the war effort to their new home in the United States of America. Because this is what we are, this is America.”

US forces to remain in Afghanistan even after August 31, Biden may extend deadline: Report

Since the withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan and the Taliban’s occupation there, questions have been raised on the US that it has left alone those Afghan citizens who had helped US forces. This announcement of Biden is a relief for several thousand Afghans.

With this announcement of Biden, America has tried to show the world that it is not going away with the help of those who support it. Let us tell you that after the withdrawal of US forces, 33 out of 34 provinces of Afghanistan are occupied by the Taliban. Fighting continues in Panjshir. The Taliban is yet to form a government.

Taliban said, no new government will be formed in Afghanistan until the last American soldier leaves

On the first Sunday also, Joe Biden had a big meeting on the Afghanistan situation. In that meeting, he had expressed concern over the situation in the country, even saying that now Afghanistan can become a new stronghold of terrorists. He insisted that IS terrorists operating in Afghanistan could target American soldiers and ordinary Afghans.

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