Why did the US military leave Afghanistan before August 31? Joe Biden will tell today

Kabul. After 20 years from Afghanistan, the US Army has finally returned. A few minutes before 12 o’clock on Monday night, the last American planes took off from Kabul Airport. After this the Taliban took control of Kabul airport. President Joe Biden is being criticized all over the world for the withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan. Meanwhile, on Tuesday, Biden will address the Americans and explain why he did not extend the deadline for the withdrawal of US troops.

End of 20 years long war in Afghanistan, last contingent of US Army returns

Under the agreement with the Taliban, the US was to leave Afghanistan completely by August 31, but the US left Afghanistan 24 hours earlier. Last night, four US military transport aircraft C-17 took off from Kabul Airport. US President Joe Biden said, ‘Now our 20-year military presence in Afghanistan is over. I want to thank our commanders for the dangerous evacuation from Afghanistan. As scheduled for the morning of August 31.

Joe Biden said, “The UN Security Council resolution sends a clear message that the international community expects the Taliban to move forward, especially with regard to freedom of travel.” The Taliban have committed to a safe path and the world will uphold their commitments. This will include ongoing diplomacy in Afghanistan…coordinating with partners to reopen the airport for continuous departure for those who wish to leave Afghanistan.

US General Kenneth F McKenzie announces the withdrawal of his troops from Afghanistan. They said they announce the completion of the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan and the end of the military mission to evacuate American civilians and Afghans. The general said that the last C-17 aircraft was flagged off from Hamid Karzai airport on August 30 at 3:29 pm.

US diplomatic presence in Afghanistan ends
Apart from this, America also ended its diplomatic presence in Afghanistan and it has shifted to Qatar. The news agency AFP quoted US Secretary of State Antony Blinken as saying this. Blinken said the United States is committed to helping every American who wants to leave Afghanistan.

America knew Pakistan’s nuclear program, but did nothing, disclosed in the document

No air traffic in Kabul anymore
American planes did not even leave Afghanistan’s airspace that the Taliban declared Afghanistan to be America-free. Meanwhile, NOTAM (Notice to Airmen) issued an emergency message saying that Kabul airport is no longer under anyone’s control and there is no air traffic control here. This means that it is not safe for an aircraft to take off or land from here.

Taliban’s Special Forces Take Command of the Security of Kabul Airport
At the same time, the Taliban says that its Special Force Badri 313 has taken over the security of Kabul airport. Taliban fighters celebrate the departure of US forces from Afghanistan by firing in the air.

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