White House told- Why doesn’t Joe Biden call Pakistan’s PM Imran Khan?

Washington. It has been 9 months since US President Joe Biden took office. During this, he talked to almost every head of state on the phone, but has not called the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan. However, Biden has also met Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi after talking several times. Imran Khan still hopes that Biden will call him too, but this is not going to happen at the moment. The White House has made it clear that President Biden is not going to call Imran Khan for the time being.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki made it clear that calling Imran Khan is not on Biden’s agenda right now. “Can’t predict when President Joe Biden will talk to Prime Minister Imran Khan of Pakistan,” she said. By the way, talks are taking place between the two countries at a high level. Let us tell you that in recent interviews with the US media, Imran Khan complained that a ‘busy’ President Biden did not bother to talk to him. However, Washington needed Pakistan’s support to stabilize Afghanistan.

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contact with pakistan
In response to a question asked about Pakistan, Saki said- ‘We are in touch with the Foreign and Defense Ministry there. They keep on having high level discussions. As far as the talks between President Biden and Imran Khan are concerned, I cannot say anything about it at the moment. It cannot even be predicted about this.

taunts on america
Press Secretary Jen Psaki was asked that Imran Khan had strongly criticized America in the recent United Nations General Assembly and some of its earlier interviews. Along with this, he took a dig at Biden. Saki did not give any direct answer to this question. Imran had strongly opposed American steps in Afghanistan. Imran had said that America left Afghanistan alone.

Expert team sets agenda
Psaki said- ‘It is a fact that Biden has not talked to every foreign leader. There is an expert committee for such matters, that also decides whom the President has to talk to. It is not necessary that there should be talks on only one issue. (with agency input)

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