When the daughter-in-law’s secret was revealed in the in-laws’ house, the ground slipped under her feet, the son was evicted from the family business!

Every family has some secrets which they do not want to tell to anyone. But when this secret is revealed and the truth comes out, then such instability comes which is difficult for any family to handle. Something similar happened with a couple living in America. When the family members of the husband came to know that their daughter-in-law works in porn films, they were stunned and removed the son including the daughter-in-law from the family, along with the son. Also separated from family business.

family disowned son and porn actress daughter in law

The couple has bought a van from which they travel a lot and enjoy with their family of four. (Photo: Instagram/@channonrose)

36-year-old Shannon Rose, who lives in Los Angeles, USA, had a very difficult childhood. Talking to Daily Star, Shannen told that when she was young, her father cheated on her mother and she started having an affair with her mother’s best friend. After this both of them got married and Shannen’s second mother started torturing her mentally and physically. At an early age, Shannon started living mentally disturbed, due to which she started the work of Child Prostitution in her youth. When Shannen turned 18, she became a stripper in a club and soon after that she started working in the full-time porn industry. After working in the porn industry for about 10 years, Shannen earned a lot of money but she was not getting happiness in this industry. She wanted to start her own family and wanted to leave this industry. Then on a dating site she met Travis Dean, who is now her husband.

family disowned son and porn actress daughter in law

Shannen started working in the porn industry at an early age. (Photo: Instagram/@channonrose)

Travis adopted Shannen despite his past, but when it was revealed in Travis’s house that Shannen had previously been a porn star, Travis’s family pressured him to leave Shannen. But Travis did not listen to the family. Enraged, Travis’s family evicted him from the family business and threw him out of the house. Since then, Travis and Shannen have found a way to earn through social media. Both of them started making Traveling We Log as soon as they fulfill their traveling passion and made a lot of followers on Instagram-YouTube. Both are now followed by millions of people. Meanwhile, after a lot of efforts and miscarriage, Shannen also gave birth to two children, whom the couple always takes with them on road trips. The couple has bought a van from which they travel a lot and enjoy with their family of four.

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