When the bridegroom reached the wedding after drinking alcohol, the bride ran away with the ex-boyfriend in anger, the guests were left watching!

For any couple, their wedding day is very special because this day becomes the most memorable day of their life. Boys and girls make many preparations to make their wedding special, but when there is a problem on their special day, not only their mood but also their guests in the wedding get spoiled. Something similar happened in the marriage of an American couple living in America. Something happened in this marriage that discussions have started on social media.

bride runs off with own cousin

This whole story is from the American TV show Gypsy Brides. (Photo: YouTube/TLC)

In Maryland, America, the color of the wedding faded when the bride herself went away (Bride left groom run off with cousin). It happened that 24-year-old Cearia was going to tie the knot with her 28-year-old boyfriend Sam. She and her boyfriend are travellers and both like to live life like a gypsy. Both were in a relationship for a long time, after which both decided to get married. On the wedding day, when Sam reached the wedding venue under the influence of alcohol (Groom Drunk in wedding), Sierra’s mood was spoiled after seeing him. She immediately decided that she would not marry Sam. Sierra’s cousin brother, who was also her ex-boyfriend, was present at the same wedding. Kyle explains to Cieria that she should not marry Sam and run away with him. Cieria liked Kylie’s words and ran away from marriage at the same time.

Let us tell you that this whole story is from the American TV show Gypsy Brides. According to the Daily Star report, when Sierra invited Kylie to the wedding, Sam opposed her. He did not want Sam to come to the wedding. 21-year-old Kylie told Sierra that she feels sorry for Sierra after seeing Sam’s condition and does not want her to spend the rest of her life with a person like Sam. He said that Sierra is a gypsy and that she should not be married at the moment. Kylie and Cieria were also seen kissing each other at the wedding ceremony and then both of them ran away.

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