When Joe Biden was caught in a snow storm in Afghanistan, this Afghani saved his life

Washington. Aman Khalili, who worked as a translator with the US Army in Afghanistan, has finally left Kabul. The US State Department confirmed this on Tuesday. Aman Khalili saved the life of Joe Biden 13 years ago.

The case is of 2008. Biden was then a Senator from Delaware. Senators John Kerry and Chuck Hagel also accompanied him to Afghanistan. About 20 miles away from Bagram Airbase, a severe snow storm hit Black Hawk helicopters. He had to make an emergency landing. Mohammad Aman Khalili was part of the team that was sent to help from Bagram. The team had to drive for hours on mountainous roads amidst severe snowfall to reach the location of the senators.

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Thousands of Afghans tried to leave the country as soon as the Taliban took power. Khalili and her family also applied for visas. But he did not get the visa. In the interview given to ‘The Wall Street Journal’ in the past, Mohammad Aman Khalili repeatedly says one thing, ‘Hello Mr President, save me and my family. Don’t leave me here.’

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The White House did not respond to the request
The White House declined to comment on the case of Mohammad Aman Khalili, saying that he cannot comment on every single case. A White House representative reminded Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s statement that the US would continue to help Afghan allies. Will fulfill the promise of Taliban to allow them to go out of Afghanistan.

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