Weird: Broken bone and rib of a man who got entangled with wife’s shoes, furious husband sued!

Many times it happens in the house that we forget to take off our shoes and slippers and put them in the right place. As a result, family members get entangled with them and also fall. However, till now no one has filed a case in the court regarding this matter. When the same incident happened with John Walworth, who lives in Ohio, USA, he could not stop his anger. He filed a case against his wife with the help of a lawyer.

What happened to John Walworth was a normal thing, but the accident became big because he fell straight down the stairs after getting entangled with the shoes. Due to a fall from a height, bones were broken in many places in John’s body. The furious husband filed a case against his wife Judy Khoury regarding this incident. The husband said that this incident not only caused physical harm to him, but he also suffered financial loss of lakhs in the form of medical bills.

Broken hands and feet and lost millions
John Walworth and Judy Khoury live in Ohio. This incident happened in February 2018, when he was not even married. He was helping his fiancé to fetch a jug of vinegar from the basement, meanwhile his foot got stuck in Judy’s shoes and he fell on the stairs after getting entangled in it. In this accident, the bones of his hand, leg and arm were broken. Regarding this accident, John sued Judy, saying that due to her negligence, she had to pay medical bills of 60 lakhs, while due to not going to work, she also suffered a loss of 14 lakhs.

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Judge dismissed the case
It took months for John to fully recover. Eventually, in October 2019, he sued Judy through his lawyer, alleging that she created dangerous conditions in the home and failed to protect the guests at his home. Judy gave her explanation saying that she used to keep her shoes behind the door. At that time his fiancé did not know this thing and he does not even know this thing clearly, this accident happened only because of the shoes. A three-judge panel heard the case and John’s case was dismissed. The most interesting thing in this whole incident was that the couple got married in April 2019 before the case was dismissed.

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