We think of Aliens’ drone as UFO! American expert revealed all the secrets of the other world

There is a stir in the whole world regarding the UFO report of Pentagon. Meanwhile, Professor Avi Loeb of Harvard claims that the civilization of people on other planets is much older than us, so they keep an eye on us through Drones. We consider these drones as UFOs.

Harvard professor and UFO expert Avi Loeb believes that the civilization of aliens is much older than our civilization and UFOs could be drones made from their artificial intelligence. Through this they keep an eye on the earth. This claim of a professor of Harvard, one of the world’s top universities, cannot be denied outright. If this is to be considered true, then it has to be accepted that apart from human civilization in the universe, some civilizations have been in existence for centuries.

Civilizations older than human civilization exist

Professor Avi Loeb says that civilizations of centuries before the civilization of the earth are present in the universe. Under the Avi Loeb project, research is being done about when and where did aliens originate? In the year 2018, Professor Loeb claimed that the Oumuamua passing by the earth is actually the garbage of alien civilization in the sky. Talking to The Sun, he has claimed that – There may be some things, which are very old. Like all the stars were born billions of years before the origin of the sun. Similarly, some civilizations have also been born centuries before human civilization.

Call it a drone with an AI not a UFO

Professor Loeb says that – centuries are enough time in which an artificial intelligence spacecraft can be made chemically. The distance between the stars is very high. Professor Loeb claims that one can even imagine what kind of tools may have been used by centuries-old civilizations. They believe that centuries are enough for any such ancient civilization to prepare such drones with artificial intelligence.

This claim of Professor Loeb has come to the fore at a time when America’s UFO report is making headlines in the world. A few days ago, another UFO expert claimed that the technology of aliens is so advanced that they can crack the earth like a walnut.

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