We messed up everything in Kabul – American soldier sacked for questioning his army

Washington. After the suicide bombing in Kabul, US President Joe Biden is surrounded by all-rounders. 13 American soldiers died in this attack. Apart from this, more than 170 Afghan civilians were killed. There are allegations that America could not save the lives of the people despite having prior knowledge about this attack. People are also blaming the US Army for this chaos. Meanwhile, the US Marine officer has been suspended. Actually this officer had raised questions on the army by posting a video on social media. He asked the army officers to come forward to take responsibility. He said- We messed everything up in Kabul.

Lt Col Stuart Scheller posted the video on social media hours after the explosion in Kabul. He is seen in uniform. In this five-minute long video, he said, ‘People are very angry on social media at this time. Marines have not let anyone down on the battlefield. People are upset because their senior leader has let them down. And none of them are raising their hands and accepting accountability. We messed up everything in Kabul.

Shelar says he knows one of the people killed in the blast, but will not name the person until the family is notified. Let us tell you that many people are blaming America for the current crisis in Afghanistan. There are allegations that the Afghan government has been weakened. At the same time, they were given an opportunity to capture them by making an agreement with the Taliban.

Let us tell you that about 200 people, including 13 American soldiers, were killed in suicide bombings at Kabul airport on Thursday. The responsibility of these bomb blasts was taken by the Khorasan Module (ISIS-K) of the terrorist organization which called itself Islamic State. After this attack, US President Joe Biden promised to retaliate. Within 48 hours of these blasts, the US Army attacked ISIS positions in Nangarhar with drones. The US had claimed the death of the conspirators of the bombings in this drone attack.

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