We are capable of evacuating American citizens left in Afghanistan: US’s NSA Sullivan

Washington. US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan said on Sunday that the US is able to evacuate about 300 American citizens who wish to leave Afghanistan before the Tuesday deadline set by President Joe Biden.

He also said that according to the current plan of the Biden administration, there will be no embassy in Afghanistan after the withdrawal of US troops. Biden had warned of another attack after the recent suicide attack on Kabul airport.

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Sullivan said the US has shown to other countries that it is capable of crushing the threat of terrorism without a permanent presence on the ground. He said that America will do the same in Afghanistan. Biden has vowed to continue air strikes against the Islamic extremist organization responsible for the attack on the airport.

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Sullivan said in a program on the CBS channel that the US has the ability to evacuate American citizens who want to leave Afghanistan immediately by the deadline set by Biden. “We have the capacity to evacuate 300 Americans. There are almost that many people left. In the remaining time, they come to the airport and board the plane. We fired more people than this yesterday. So from our point of view there is an opportunity for US citizens right now to get to the airport to get out safely.”

Sullivan said that according to the Biden administration’s current plan, the embassy in Afghanistan would not operate. “But we will take a way that our diplomats are there so that we can continue the process of evacuating those who want to leave Afghanistan,” he said.

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