Video: The plane was flying in the air, suddenly it fell on the houses! people were stunned by the sight

Just imagine, if a plane flying in the air suddenly falls in a residential area, what will be the view. In the US state of California, people saw this sight with their own eyes. While flying through the sky, a plane crashed here and fell over the houses.

This sight was scary to see, 2 people also died in the accident. According to media reports, it was a small aircraft with 2 engines. When it was flying in the air, only then something malfunctioned in it and it fell in the residential area. When the plane fell, it exploded and caught fire. Whoever saw the plane falling, he was surprised.

Many houses came under the grip of the plane
The small plane could not control due to some fault in the air itself and also crashed in the residential area. At least 2 people including the pilot died on the spot while 3-4 people were badly injured in the plane. This accident happened near a school in San Diego. Firefighters were immediately called to the spot and they brought the situation under control. First a house came in the grip of the plane and then this plane went and collided with the truck.

10 houses were damaged by the plane
Witnesses told that the small plane came over the houses. It is being told that the pilot had lost control of the plane. The place where this plane fell is a residential area, where hundreds of thousands of people live. The 10 houses that were damaged by the plane were burning at the time of the accident. The rescue team started evacuating people quickly, yet the people around were shocked to see this scene.

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