VIDEO: The owner made a living room for his pet dogs; There is also a ‘bar’ with sofa-TV

People who keep pets kill their pets. Talking about Dog Lovers, they are so crazy about their stomach that they provide every comfort in the house for them. But these days there are discussions of a dog lover who has done something for his pet dogs which probably no other pet can do. Let us tell you what this dog lover has done for his pet dogs.

The user @bam12008 on the social media site Tiktok has recently shared a video from his account, which has become so popular that it has started appearing on other social media platforms as well. Actually, this person has made a separate living room for Pet Dogs in the house for his pet dogs. Yes, this living room man has built only for his dogs. The video related to the dog’s living room is becoming very viral and according to the Daily Star website, the video has got more than 27 lakh views and more than 1 lakh likes on Tiktok alone.

According to the video, the man’s house is in Florida, USA. In this video a man is taking a walk in the living room of his dogs. It is seen in the video that the living room is more fancy than the living room of humans and it has all the amenities. The man has three Dachshunds named Peaches, Mitzi, and Challah. The man has kept separate sofas in the room for the three dogs. The color of the sofa is grey, yellow and blue because dogs can see these colors very well. The paintings and lamps in the room are on low height. There is also a big TV for dogs in the room. The most important thing is that there is also a bar in the room. Don’t be surprised, this is not the real bar. Just to enhance the look of the room, the cupboard in the bathroom has been given the look of a bar and small but fake liquor bottles are kept in it. The man told in a video that he did not want his dogs to stay in his drawing room as they would make the room dirty. That’s why he has made a separate room for the dogs.

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