VIDEO: Government’s eye on the assets of fake companies

Those who grab people’s property by creating a fake company across the country are no longer well. The central government has become very strict in this matter and the state governments are soon going to take possession of the properties collected from such fraud.

In this regard, the central government has also given its green signal to the states to confiscate such properties. According to the information, due to this order, more than 2 lakh fake companies are on the target of the government. The state government will soon investigate their properties.

With regard to the properties of more than 2 lakh fake companies operating in the country, the Center has directed the state governments to investigate the properties of all suspicious companies and stop any kind of transactions by them with immediate effect.

In fact, the Registrar of Companies has canceled the licenses of lakhs of companies under the Companies Act. Regarding this, Minister of State for Corporate Affairs and Law and Justice, PP Chaudhary held a meeting with the representatives of all the state governments.

In this meeting, Union Minister Chaudhary told the representatives of the state governments that the details of land in the entire country have become computerized and in such a situation there should be no delay in detecting the properties of the fake company. He said that such fake companies should strictly keep an eye on the suspicious properties and at the same time completely ban the transactions of the directors and authorized signatories of the company and also share the information of this whole matter with the central government.

It is worth noting that the Central Government had identified 2 lakh 10 thousand fake companies in the country and canceled their registration and at present, the Central Government is also keeping an eye on their illegal properties. The Center has also involved the district administrations of the states for the investigation.

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