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Watch today in News18 India’s special show Bhaiyaji Kahin. A fast is going on in Gothda Tappa village near Rewari in Haryana. This village has been in the headlines for the last 1 week. The leaders and officials kept coming and going. After passing the 10th, for the 12th, the daughters here had to go 2 to two and a half kilometers away. On the way, people used to disturb. The remarks were made. The girls decided that they would go on a hunger strike until the village school was up to class 12th. Meanwhile, many girls got sick. Had to be taken to hospital. After 8 days of fasting, the government finally woke up. The order came to make the school up to 12th standard. But the issue is not just about upgrading the school, but the issue is also about molestation of daughters. The issue is of law and order. Which school will you upgrade? If there is no improvement in law and order, then such demand can arise from everywhere. Watch this video. .

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