US: Wind speed reaches 150 KM before Hurricane Ida hits Louisiana coast

New Orleans. Hurricane Ida, which rose in the Gulf of Mexico, intensified into a severe Category Four hurricane just hours before hitting the Louisiana coast of the US early Sunday local time. In view of this, the officers associated with the emergency service are busy in taking people to safe places despite the threat of Kovid-19.

Wind speed increased to 230 kph in five hours from 72 kph to 230 kph as Ida moved from parts of warmer seas north of the Gulf of Mexico. Sunday ‘Ida’ intensified into a severe storm which may hit the coast in the afternoon. This storm has come on the exact date when Hurricane Katrina caused massive destruction in Louisiana and Mississippi 16 years ago.

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‘IDA’ comes at a time when cases of infection are increasing in the region due to the low rate of anti-Covid vaccination and the ‘delta’ nature of the corona virus. Fully flooded hospitals in New Orleans have made plans to deal with the storm. However, elsewhere too, there is less space for patients in hospitals. The risk of new infection has increased from those who are leaving their homes due to the storm. It is likely that ‘Ida’ will hit the coast at Grand Isle. There are high waves rising in the sea.

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The speed of Hurricane Ida has increased rapidly, leaving New Orleans officials with no time to compulsorily evacuate 390,000 people. Mayor La Toya Cantrell has urged people to voluntarily leave the hurricane-prone area. Those who have not gone have been warned of prolonged power cuts and heat.

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Governor John Bel Edward said on Saturday that Louisiana was able to handle the situation and that shelters would operate at reduced capacity because of COVID-19. He said that Louisiana officials are looking to accommodate people in hotels, so that fewer people have to live in public relief camps.

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Guidelines have been issued for those staying at a Red Cross shelter in Gulfport, Mississippi, with a warning of Kovid-19. Shelter manager Barbara Casterlin said that workers will have to wear masks and others will also have to follow the Kovid-19 rule. US President Joe Biden has approved the imposition of a state of emergency in Louisiana and Mississippi even before the arrival of Hurricane Ida.

Sixteen years ago, on August 29, 2005, Hurricane Katrina caused massive destruction in the coastal areas of Mississippi and Louisiana. Category 3 Hurricane Katrina killed 1,800 people and caused catastrophic flooding in New Orleans that took years to recover.

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