US will leave Afghans on their condition, said – this is their country and their struggle

Washington. The terror of the Taliban continues in Afghanistan. The Taliban have captured 6 provincial capitals within a few days. The United States (USA) plans to provide weapons and training to the Afghan military, but a key question is whether it will conduct air strikes against the Taliban after August 31? Indeed, the Pentagon has indicated that operations against the Taliban will be limited after the withdrawal of the army. Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said on Monday, “This is their country to defend. This is their struggle.”

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said the US bombing last week supported Afghan allies, but indicated there was no decision to do so after the withdrawal. The administration had earlier said that air power would be limited to counter-terrorist operations.

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However, US President Joe Biden is determined to leave the US with limited options to reverse the rebel movement. “Nearly 20 years of experience has shown us that just one more year of fighting in Afghanistan is not a solution, but a recipe for staying there indefinitely,” Biden said last month.

Biden has long supported ending America’s longest war. He believes that nothing more can be achieved than this.

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At the same time, as of 2017, US Special Representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan Laurel Miller said, “The US was fully aware of the possible current situation before the decision to withdraw troops. That’s what we’re seeing as well.” (With ANI input.)

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