US took Taliban’s help in evacuating Americans from Afghanistan, had made a secret route – report

Kabul/Washington. The US Army has left Afghanistan after a long war that lasted for 20 years. With this, the Taliban took control of the Kabul airport. He continues to fight with the Northern Alliance in Panjshir. Meanwhile, shocking information has come out in a media report. With the help of the Taliban against whom America fought for 20 years, America has evacuated American citizens from Kabul.

American news channel CNN reports This information is given in According to the report, there was a secret deal between the US military and Taliban fighters, under which American citizens were allowed to go to Kabul Airport without any problem. The report said that the US had set up some call centers at Kabul airport. A secret gate was also built. With the help of these call centers, the US Army was continuously guiding its citizens to reach the airport. At the same time, Taliban fighters helped American citizens to reach the secret gate.

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The report did not claim how many American and Afghan citizens were helped by the secret route to the airport. But, in the last days, the US exit operation through this route definitely accelerated.

American soldiers have left Afghanistan, but 200 American citizens are still present in Afghanistan. America will now bring back its remaining citizens via Qatar.

Joe Biden has said that 6,000 US troops have been withdrawn from Afghanistan by August 31. Biden said in April that 2,500 US troops were in Afghanistan and that they would be pulled out as soon as possible after 20 years of war. When the Taliban swiftly captured Afghanistan’s provincial capitals as well as Kabul on August 15, the US had to send additional troops to evacuate its men.

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It was only after the Taliban captured Kabul on 15 August that the US took control of Kabul Airport. There was a lot of alert at Kabul airport in the last few days. ISIS-K had carried out three blasts here on Sunday. 200 people had lost their lives in this. Among the dead were 13 US commanders.

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