US: The woman went home leaving a two-year-old innocent in the car, returned after 7 hours and lost consciousness

Florida. A shocking incident has come to light from Florida, USA. Actually, here a woman forgot a two-year-old innocent girl in the car, after which you will be shocked to hear what happened. The woman parked the car on the road and went home and forgot that her daughter was in the car. When she returned after seven hours, her senses were blown away. The innocent girl had died inside the car. The police has arrested the accused woman.

Florida’s 43-year-old Juana Perez-Domingo was arrested by police on Saturday. According to the report of NBC Miami, the name of the two-year-old girl is Joselyn Maritza Mendez. Police said that the accused woman was responsible for taking the children to the daycare. On Friday, the accused woman had left the van to take two-year-old girl Josleen from home to daycare, but since the daycare center was not open at 6.30 pm, she took the girl to her house.

At 8 in the morning, the accused woman Perez-Domingo left the little girl in the third row of her Toyota Sienna mini van. The child’s seat belt was tied. She forgot the girl in the van itself and went inside the house. The condition of the girl sitting inside the car worsened in the temperature of more than 30 degree Celsius. When Perez-Domingo returned to the van seven hours later at about 3 a.m., the girl was already dead. According to the police, instead of calling emergency services, he called the girl’s mother and informed her about her death.

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After this, the accused woman reached her house with the body of the girl child. From where the police sent the body of the girl for postmortem. At the same time, the police has arrested the accused woman. Perez-Domingo has been fined $50,000. Along with this, no lawyer has been appointed for him.

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