US takes over Kabul airport’s ATC, send 1000 US soldiers

Washington. The whole world, including the US, is worried after the Taliban’s occupation of Afghanistan. Joe Biden is also being criticized for the decision to withdraw American troops from Afghanistan. Meanwhile, US President Joe Biden has sent 1,000 more troops to the war-torn country to ensure the orderly and safe withdrawal of American and allied forces from Afghanistan. America has announced to take over the air traffic control of Kabul airport to evacuate its citizens from Afghanistan. A US defense official said that Biden in his statement on Saturday approved the deployment of a total of 5,000 soldiers.

He said that these include 1,000 soldiers who are already present in Afghanistan. A battalion of 1,000 soldiers from the US 82nd Airborne Division was deported to Kabul instead of their original deployment to Kuwait. The defense official said the Pentagon had earlier announced that 3,000 additional troops were being sent. Biden and US Vice President Kamala Harris held a video conference with the national security team on Saturday, after which the president announced the deployment of more forces.

America surrounded by questions after suddenly sending 3000 soldiers to Afghanistan, Taliban increased their dominance

Intensified discussion on efforts
The video conference discussed the ongoing efforts to repatriate US citizens in Afghanistan, evacuate SIV (Special Immigrant Visa) applicants and monitor the changing security situation. “Based on the recommendations of our diplomatic, military and intelligence teams, I have approved the deployment of approximately 5,000 US troops to ensure the orderly and safe return of US personnel and other allied personnel from Afghanistan,” Biden said in a statement. can do.

The annual income of Taliban is more than 1.5 billion, it raises money for weapons

Soldiers will return by August 31
“At the same time, we can ensure the orderly and safe evacuation of Afghan civilians who support our forces during our campaign and those who are particularly at risk as the Taliban advance,” Biden said in July. formally announced that US troops would withdraw from Afghanistan by August 31. He is firm on his decision to withdraw the forces. He told reporters earlier this week that he did not regret it and that the time had come for the people of Afghanistan to “fight for themselves”. (with agency input)

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