US rescue mission in Afghanistan, sent 89 planes to bring 16 thousand people in 24 hours

Washington. After the Taliban’s occupation of Afghanistan, America is rapidly evacuating people. In the last 24 hours, 25 US military C-17s, 3 C-130s and 61 chartered, commercial and other army planes reached Kabul. The total number of passengers brought through them is about 16,000. Major General Hank Taylor of the US Army has given this information.

Defense Minister and Pentagon (US Defense Headquarters) chief Lloyd Austin had asked six commercial airlines to deliver passenger planes. Emergency use of 18 US commercial aircraft was ordered by the Pentagon. America had to take this decision because there were problems in the evacuation of people and due to the huge crowd at the airport, there is a problem.

Taliban said, no new government will be formed in Afghanistan until the last American soldier leaves

Defense Minister Lloyd Austin has started the initial phase of the ‘Civil Reserve Air Fleet’ program, in which 18 aircraft have been requisitioned. Of these, three each have been sought from American Airlines, Atlas Air, Delta Airline and Omni Air, while two from Hawaiian Airlines and five from United Airlines have been sought. Pentagon press secretary John Kirby told that these planes will not fly at Kabul’s Hamid Karzai International Airport.

Taliban will not form government until US troops leave
Taliban has issued a big statement regarding the formation of its government in Afghanistan. He has said that until the complete withdrawal of American troops, he will not announce the formation of the government. The news agency AFP has given this information quoting two Taliban sources. “It has been decided that the formation of the government and cabinet will not be announced as long as there is not a single American soldier in Afghanistan,” the Taliban source said. After this, another source associated with the organization confirmed this news.

US forces to remain in Afghanistan even after August 31, Biden may extend deadline: Report

Taliban has threatened America
Hours earlier, the Taliban had threatened the US and said that if all troops did not leave by the 31st, it would have “serious consequences”. The organization’s spokesperson Suhail Shaheen said in a conversation with the British website, ‘This is a red line. President Biden has said that all military forces will be withdrawn by August 31. So if they extend this time limit, it would mean that they are extending their dominance, which is not necessary.’ (with agency input)

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