US Navy submarine collided with unknown thing in South China Sea, what will China do now?

Washington. Tensions continue between the United States and China over the South China Sea. Meanwhile, a nuclear-powered submarine of the US Navy has hit an unidentified object submerged in international waters in the South China Sea. Officials familiar with the matter gave this information to news agencies on Friday.

According to reports, US Navy officials issued a statement informing that there was no damage in the collision and the submarine is fully operational. However, nothing was told clearly about what caused the collision of the submarine.

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A Seawolf-class nuclear-powered submarine named USS Connecticut collided with the said object five days ago, but the incident was not reported until Thursday to maintain operational safety. The statement issued by the US Pacific Fleet was very brief and did not mention what caused the submarine collision. The nuclear propulsion plant of the submarine is also fine, the statement said.

The US Navy said without giving further details about the collision, ‘The damage to the submarine is being assessed. The incident will be investigated.

However, officials said that the impact of this collision was visible on all the people aboard the submarine. Two sailors received minor injuries, while at least nine others received bruises. He said that after this collision, the submarine headed towards the port of Guam for further investigation.

Let us tell you that China claims its right over the South China Sea. From September 1, China has unilaterally implemented a new maritime law. Under this, all foreign ships passing through China’s maritime border will have to give all their information to him. Ships that do not do so will be directly blown up.

After the implementation of this new law of China, a dispute is set to erupt once again. Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei are also part of South China Sea, but China has been denying this thing completely. China considers more than 90 percent of the South China Sea as its own. If experts are to be believed, this move of China will definitely create a situation of dispute. This law of China also violates international rules. In the coming times, China’s conflict with America may increase even more.

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According to the figures of the year 2016, global trade of US$ 3.37 trillion was done through this sea route, which is about a third of the entire global trade. It is found in the south of the Riau Islands, which is called Natuna Sea. Therefore the South China Sea touches almost all parts of the ASEAN countries. What is also worrying in this whole episode is that China has already built lighthouses, communication facilities, hangars and many other military installations on these artificial islands.

If seen in recent years, America, Britain conducted military exercises in the South China Sea, bypassing China’s warnings. India also sent its ships to the South China Sea. China was also angry with the maneuvers of the four countries of the Quad – India, America, Japan and Australia against the aggressive policies of China.

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