US mission in Afghanistan over, but ISIS has yet to be accounted for: Joe Biden

Washington. President Joe Biden on Tuesday called the evacuation operation from Afghanistan an extraordinary success. Addressing the public for the first time since the end of the 20-year war in Afghanistan, Biden praised his army and said, “The success of this evacuation (from Afghanistan) is possible because of the selfless courage of our army.” Pie. They risked their lives to serve others… not in a mission of war, but in a mission of mercy… No country in history has ever done this, only the United States of America can do it.’

Biden further explained that the decision to end the US military presence in Afghanistan was based on a unanimous recommendation that included civilians, military advisers, service chiefs and commanders in the region. Taking responsibility for the decision to withdraw from Afghanistan, he said, “Some people say that we should have started it sooner.” I respectfully disagree with them… If it had happened earlier, it would have led to a flurry or civil war… Without the challenges and dangers we have faced, there is no way to avoid the end of the war.’

US mission in Afghanistan ended as Major General Chris Donahue boarded the plane

Despite the military withdrawal, the US will continue its war against terrorism in Afghanistan. Biden said, “We will continue to combat terrorism in Afghanistan and other countries without American troops on the ground, which are rarely needed.” Describing the declaration of the end of the war in Afghanistan as the right, wisest and most appropriate decision, he said, ‘The war in Afghanistan is over now. I am the fourth president who has faced this issue to end this war. I made a commitment to the Americans to end this war and I did it with honor.

Danger…the Taliban now have more Black Hawk helicopters than 85 percent of the world’s countries

Describing the end of the war in Afghanistan as a success, Biden also warned the dreaded terrorist organization Islamic State. He said that our war with Islamic State-Khorasan (ISIS-K) is yet to come. Biden continued, “I want to say this clearly to those who seek to harm America or who engage in terrorism against us or allies, the United States will never rest easy.” We will not forgive, we will not forget. We will hunt you down and you will have to pay the ultimate price.

This terrorist had attacked Kabul airport, went close to US soldiers and blew himself up

On August 31 as the deadline to leave Afghanistan, Biden said, “Let me be clear: leaving August 31 is not due to an arbitrary deadline, it was designed to save American lives, my predecessor, former The President had signed an agreement with the Taliban to withdraw American troops by May 1. He quoted US Army General McKenzie as saying, “The evacuation operation from Afghanistan was designed in terms of August 31. The preparation of the mission was done in such a way that the evacuation operation was not affected even during severe tension and attack, and that is what we did.

After withdrawing all its troops from Afghanistan, President Joe Biden announced on Tuesday that the US had ended the longest war in the war-torn country. The Taliban have completely taken control of Kabul’s international airport following the complete withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan.

What is Khorasan model of IS, enemy of Taliban, who claimed responsibility for Kabul blast

The last plane carrying US forces departed Afghanistan on Monday midnight, a day ahead of schedule. In this way the war which lasted for 20 years came to an end. 2,500 American soldiers were killed in this war. The US military operation in Afghanistan came to an end as the C17 aircraft took off from Kabul International Airport carrying the last group of soldiers.

Taliban made it clear in talks, Afghan land will not be used against India

Taliban fighters opened fire in the air in Kabul to celebrate the victory after US forces completely ended their military presence in Afghanistan. The US had set August 31 as the deadline for withdrawal from Afghanistan and just hours before it announced the end of its war in Afghanistan.

America ended the 20-year-long war in Afghanistan and thousands of people died in this war. A large number of Afghans and Americans and people from their North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) countries have died in the war. And since America borrowed most of the money to pay for it, future generations of Americans will pay the cost in trillions of dollars.

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