US gave only 7.5 million doses of vaccine to India, which is not enough: Krishnamurthy

Washington. Top Indian-American lawmaker has said that America has allocated only 7.5 million doses of anti-Covid-19 vaccine to India, which is not enough. He requested the Joe Biden administration to do more in this regard. Lawmaker Raja Krishnamurthy said this after garnering the support of 116 members of Congress on his efforts to expand US global vaccine aid programs to India and other countries. His statement came at a time when the White House said that the US is “ready” to continue its partnership with India in the fight against the corona virus and provide other assistance, including vaccines.

Krishnamurthy said in a statement, “I am once again urging President Biden and my colleagues in Congress to come together to end this pandemic for the good of humanity and convert the Novid Act into law because when Till this outbreak continues in any country, the whole world will have to face a new threat. There is a need to declare our independence from Kovid by creating the necessary global partnership for distribution.

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Raja Krishnamurthy, along with Senators Jeff Merkle, Elizabeth Warren and Indian-American lawmaker Pramila Jayapal, introduced the Novid Act, under which the US will establish the Epidemic Preparedness and Response Program (PANPREP) to monitor the global health response in the context of the pandemic.

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