US C-17 aircraft set a record by leaving Kabul with 823 Afghan refugees

Washington. The US Air Force said that the number of people on board the cargo plane, which was widely circulated on social media, packed with refugees from Afghanistan was 823, more than the count previously counted. This is a record in terms of the number of passengers in this aircraft.

Air Mobility Command said in a brief statement on Friday that the number of people on board was initially added to 640 when the C-17 aircraft took off from Kabul last Sunday, but then the number of children sitting on people’s docks. Unknowingly could not be counted.

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The statement said that this number of 823 passengers is a record for C-17 aircraft. The plane took off after the Taliban’s capture of Kabul, when thousands of Afghans and foreigners were arriving at the airport trying to somehow take off.

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Meanwhile, a slum on the outskirts of Pakistan’s densely populated city of Karachi has seen an influx of Afghan families fleeing Taliban rule into northern Kunduz province in recent days. Located in the northern border area just off the highway outside Karachi, the Afghan settlement (slum settlement) made of concrete and mud houses, with families living in tarpaulin tents, has been in Afghanistan and Kabul since the Taliban occupation. There is an influx of displaced Afghan families.

Some 200,000 Afghans live in slums, while the southern city of Karachi is also home to some 500,000 Afghan refugees, who mostly work as laborers in the city or run their own small shops and businesses in Pashtun-dominated areas. Many of these Afghans are also affluent and run textile, construction and furniture businesses in the affluent areas of Karachi and also live in rented houses and apartments there.

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