US Army looking for new ways to bring Americans to Kabul Airport, will be given special instructions

Kabul. In view of the potential threat of Islamic State to Americans in Afghanistan, the US military is looking for new ways to bring them to the airport in Kabul. A senior US official gave this information. Efforts to evacuate people from Afghanistan have become more complicated in the atmosphere of chaos after the Taliban occupation. The official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said on Saturday that small groups of Americans and possibly others seeking to leave Afghanistan would be given specific instructions on what to do. They will be given instructions regarding movement to those points where the army can collect them.

The US embassy on Saturday issued a new security alert asking citizens not to enter Kabul airport gates without “personal instructions from a representative of the US government” due to security threats. Officials declined to elaborate on the IS threat, but said the threat was huge. He said no IS attack has been confirmed so far.

Biden’s criticism
The deadline of August 31 for the complete withdrawal of American troops by US President Joe Biden is drawing closer. Biden is being criticized as videos surfaced of violence and chaos outside the airport. Fearful of the Taliban’s revenge, the Afghan people are pleading that they should not be left here.

IS still active in Afghanistan
The Islamic State (IS) group had long ago announced its willingness to attack American interests in the US and abroad. He has been active in Afghanistan for many years and has carried out a number of horrific attacks in the country, most of which have been on Shia minorities. IS has also been targeted several times by the US and the Taliban in recent years, but officials say IS is still active in Afghanistan and the US now fears a re-emergence of IS due to the divisive Taliban occupation of Afghanistan. Is. The Biden administration is considering enlisting the help of US commercial airlines and their crew to transport Afghan refugees after being evacuated from Afghanistan by military planes.

Order issued to US airlines
The US Transportation Command said in a statement on Saturday that the Pentagon has not approved or ordered the activation of commercial airlines under the “Civil Reserve Air Fleet”, but said it has The order was issued on Friday night alerting US airlines about the possibility of activating the program. The Wall Street Journal gave information about this.

Mulla Abdul Baradar reached Kabul
Meanwhile, Taliban leader Mullah Abdul Baradar reached Kabul to hold talks with the group’s leadership. Baradar’s presence is significant in the sense that he has spoken to former Afghan leaders such as former President Hamid Karzai several times. Afghan officials familiar with the talks in the capital said the Taliban said it would not make any announcements about its government before the August 31 deadline for the withdrawal of US troops. Abdullah Abdullah, a senior official in the ousted government, tweeted that he and former President Hamid Karzai met the Taliban’s acting governor for Kabul on Saturday, who “assured that he would do everything he could to protect the city’s people”. Evacuation operations continued, but due to the chaos at the airport, outgoing flights exceeded capacity.

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15,000 Americans estimated to be present in Afghanistan
Army Deputy Director of the Joint Staff, Major General Hank Taylor, told Pentagon reporters on Saturday that the US has evacuated 17,000 people through Kabul airport since August 15. He said that among them are about 2,500 Americans. US officials have said 15,000 Americans are estimated to be present in Afghanistan, but admitted they did not have exact numbers. Security threats slowed the evacuation of US citizens and others from Kabul airport, as thousands tried to leave the country, creating chaos at the airport. US Secretary of State Antony Blinken has said that so far 13 countries have agreed to keep Afghan citizens in distress at least temporarily. Another 12 countries have agreed to provide transit facilities for the evacuation of Americans and others.

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