Tonight an asteroid as big as the Taj Mahal will enter the Earth’s orbit at a very high speed! NASA warns

American Space Agency NASA has warned that a very large stone ie asteroid is moving in a very fast direction towards Earth. Tonight this asteroid will enter the Earth’s orbit. According to NASA, this asteroid is as big as the Big Ben Tower of London. If you understand in an easy way, then the width of this stone can be as much as the Taj Mahal of Agra.

According to the report of the news website Daily Mail, this large asteroid is moving towards the earth at a speed of more than 50,000 miles per hour i.e. 80,000 km per hour. Scientists have named this stone as 2021RL3. It can range from 160 feet to 360 feet wide. For information, let us tell you that the length of the Taj Mahal is close to 240 feet and the width is close to 365 feet. Scientists said that the asteroid will come very close to the orbit of its planet. According to him, the asteroid will enter the radius of 29,03,980 km of the orbit. Let us tell you that according to Indian time, this stone will enter the Earth’s orbit between 1 am to 4 am tonight.

The distance of the Moon from the Earth is 3,84,399 kilometers, that is, these stones are far away from the Earth in comparison to the distance of the Moon, but despite this NASA has warned. Scientists told that if this stone comes closer to the earth or if it collides with the earth, then it will have a very bad effect on the earth. When the asteroid will come close to the Earth, then NASA scientists will be able to tell correctly how big its size is. Scientists told that this asteroid is moving in an elliptical orbit from Mars to Jupiter and it is going to pass through the closest to the Earth compared to the other planets of the Solar System. Scientists told that small stones keep colliding with the Earth’s orbit every day, but they are very small in size, so they do not have any special effect. Scientists also told that any stone, which is smaller than the size of a car, automatically burns to ashes while entering the earth’s atmosphere.

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