Time Travel: ‘Aliens will start coming to Earth by 2118!’

Time travel means that the concept of time travel is not as easy as it sounds to be heard and read. There is a lot of discussion on time travel all over the world. Scientists have also made many shocking statements about time travel at different times, but till date it is only in imagination. No such thing as time travel exists in this world yet, but a person has claimed that he went on an intelligence mission in the year 2118 (Time Traveler claim to return from 2118) and has returned from there.

The person claimed to have gone to the future and came back
A person named Alexander Smith, while talking to Apex TV, said some time ago that he went to the year 2118 by time travel in the year 1981 and from there he came back. The person also showed a picture in which some tall buildings are visible. He says that that photo has been taken in the future. Alexander said that he had set out on a journey to the future in the year 1981 to complete a top secret mission of the US intelligence department. Smith had claimed in the interview that in the future aliens would come to Earth and he would contact the leaders of different countries. Not only this, Smith told that in the year 2118, the third world war will be between America and North Korea.

man claims he time travelled to year 2118

Alexander Smith also showed a photo taken in the future in the interview. (Photo: Youtube/Apex TV)

photo from future
To make his claim true, Smith also showed a picture in the interview. He claimed that the picture was taken in the future. Several buildings are visible in the picture. He claimed that he was the green skyscraper he would make in the future. The man said in the interview- “I went on a top secret mission of the CIA in the year 2118. In my opinion, this is the first such mission related to time travel. By 2118, aliens will start arriving on Earth. They will be smarter than us and they will also threaten humans, but they will not live on earth, they will come and go from their world often. The person said that people will have to face a lot of difficulties in future due to climate change and global warming.

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