Thieves entered the showroom wearing dog and cat masks, took away crores of jewelery

New Delhi. Tamil Nadu one of Jewelery showroom In this, the thieves committed the crime of theft in the film style. The police were also shocked by this theft by the three thieves. In fact, three thieves raided a famous jewelery showroom in Tiruchirappalli on Tuesday night. All three were wearing dog and cat masks to cover their faces. Two of the three thieves entered the showroom and one thief stayed outside the shop to keep an eye on it. Thieves cleared 30 kg of gold, silver and platinum jewelery from the showroom. After that they fled away.

Dodge 6 guards
At the time when the thieves stormed the jewelery showroom and cleaned their hands, at that time 6 guards were deployed in the security of the showroom. But the spirits of the thieves were so high that they even dodged them. According to the police, the thieves made a big hole in the wall of the showroom with the help of a drilling machine and entered through it. After this, he stole 30 kg of jewelery worth crores from the showroom. These thieves wearing dog and cat masks were caught in the CCTV of the showroom.

chili sprinkled
When the employees of the showroom reached the next morning, they were surprised to see the entire showroom almost empty. On the information of theft, Police Commissioner A Amalraj and the local police reached the showroom and investigated. In this, it was found that the thieves also sprayed chillies everywhere in the showroom to dodge the sniffer dogs.

police are looking for
At the same time, an owner of the showroom told that the thieves stole about 800 gold and platinum jewelery from his showroom. Police Commissioner says that many police teams have been formed to nab the accused. Soon they will be arrested.

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