There was a severe pain in the neck of the person in the middle of the night, blood sucking bats did a terrible condition!

Bats are believed to be the first reason for the spread of corona in the world. It is being said that this virus came from this animal in the human body. The meat of bats was openly sold in the Wuhan Market of China, which is being said to be responsible for spreading the corona. People in China also drink bat soup with great fervor. However, it has not yet been proved whether the corona virus entered humans from the flesh of bats? On the other hand, according to the second theory, the scientists of China prepared the corona virus in the lab from the body of the bat itself. Whatever be the reality, somewhere Corona has been related to bats.

Meanwhile, a strange case came to light from America. Here a person died due to bat bite. It is being said that this 80-year-old man was bitten in the neck by a bat. Due to this he got rabies and he died. This is the second case of death due to bat bite in America. Before this, a case came to the fore 67 years ago. Now after so many years this latest case has been seen.

man dies after bat bites man

This was the second case of rabies being transmitted from bats to humans.

last month’s incident
The Illinois Department of Public Health reported the incident on September 28. According to him, the man was bitten by a bat in the middle of August. The person had neck pain, headache, difficulty in lifting hands and difficulty in speaking. After some time when the problem increased, he went to the hospital. He died even after treatment. When the bat that bit him was tested, traces of rabies came out from inside him. Due to this, any person who came in contact with the person killed was also investigated.

man dies after bat bites man

Rabies directly attacks the nervous system

soon cure is the only solution
According to American health experts, there are three cases of rabies in a year. Also, millions of people take anti-rabies injections every year. If someone has rabies, then it is possible to cure it with early treatment. But due to its spread from bats, fear among people has increased. Rabies directly attacks the human nervous system. Because of this, there is an effect on the mind. Cases of rabies due to dog bites have been seen many times, but the case of death due to rabies caused by bat bites has been seen after 67 years. Due to this happening in Corona, people have been filled with fear.

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