The world is facing corona, conflict, climate change: UNGA President Abdullah Shahid said

United Nations. Abdullah Shahid, president of the high-level 76th session of the United Nations General Assembly, said on Tuesday that the world is still facing the challenges of instability, conflict, Kovid-19 and climate change. At the same time, he warned world leaders that they are at a critical juncture and may choose to go down the path of isolation and mutual destruction or walk together.

In his address at the start of the 76th General Discussion, Shahid said that the challenges of climate change and pandemic kept people awake at night and increased restlessness and anxiety. He said, ‘The world wants peace of mind. People want to solve challenges and face it collectively. And the challenges are no less. Instability, conflict, covid-19, climate change. The list is long.

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He said that many vaccines have been developed for Kovid-19 in record time. Scientists and researchers from dozens of countries have achieved a feat with the coordinated intelligence of humans. The Maldivian foreign minister, who was sworn in as president of the 76th session of the General Assembly last week, said people are not wrong when they worry that world leaders are not doing enough to solve the problems facing the world. are.

He said, ‘We have vaccines on Kovid-19. We have innovation, appropriate technology in renewable energy on climate change and we are moving away from fossil fuels. Once again, there is only lack of political support and funding.

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