The woman told the family members about being a stripper through PPT, the video was viewed more than 20 lakh times

Portland. In the American state of Oregon The woman, a resident of Portland city, had hidden from her parents that she was a stripper. In such a situation, he found an innovative idea to tell them about this. In a viral video, it can be seen that the woman talks to her parents through color full power point. The sister of a woman named Lex made this video and posted it on Tiktok. Lex said in the video- ‘Before you worry or get upset, let me tell you that this is related to my life. This will not harm anyone. The only reason I share this is because I want people who are an important part of my life to know about it. In the video, Lex said- ‘This secret means, I am talented, I am powerful. It does not mean that I am pregnant or in any danger.

It can be seen in the video that after a drumroll, Lex told his parents the big news, he said in the video, ‘I am a stripper. I do pole dance in a strip club and I love it. His parents laughed in surprise. Lex then went on to explain some of the most frequently asked questions about his job in the next slide. As in ‘Why does she want to be in the sex work industry, how does she stay safe?’

Lex told- what does she do in the club?
Lex said in the video that stripping at his club in Portland gives him the artistic freedom to express himself and earn some ‘good money’. She told that she also pays tax on her earnings. Lex told the parents that she only dances and chats with people.

After the presentation was over, Lex asked his parents if they had any unanswered questions. To which his mother said, ‘I am happy with your honesty.’

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