The woman left the flat and started living in the van, built her new house by watching YouTube videos!

If you were asked to leave your home and live in a car, would you be able to live? As difficult as it sounds to think, in reality it is not. Because a woman has shown it by doing this. The woman has left her flat and made a van (Woman living in Van) as her home. Now wherever she goes for holidays, she takes her home with her.

american woman lives in van

McKenzie used to live in a flat with her friends earlier. (Photo: Instagram/@kenzklem)

Mackenzie Klimek, 27, a resident of Minnesota, USA, lived in a sharing apartment with her friends until some time ago. There they had to pay some part of the rent. When the lease of the house ended, Mackenzie left the house and shifted with her sister-in-law. Although that house also belonged to Mackenzie, but while living there, she always felt that she was dependent on him. That’s why she wanted to live in her own house. That’s when Mackenzie’s eyes fell on a Van Life community on social media and since then she made up her mind that she would now live in a Van House. In July 2020, McKenzie kept Ford Transit van for Rs 16 lakh and got involved in its renovation.

american woman lives in van

McKenzie travels a lot in his van. On Instagram, she shares many photos related to her life. (Photo: Instagram/@kenzklem)

Talking to the Mirror website, McKenzie said that he watched a lot of YouTube videos to renovate the van, which gave him one to one great idea. He used these ideas and renovated his van for around Rs 12 lakh. McKenzie painted the van, did new flooring, and bought a new fridge for the van. After this, she bought a small kitchen setup for the van and also got a roof rack to be installed on top of the van in which she maintains. There are many things like bed, washbasin, kitchen in this small house of his, but there was no place to make a bathroom in the van. That’s why McKenzie uses her gym bathroom or public toilet, and she also has a portable toilet for emergencies. Not only this, the woman has also taken special care of the safety of her van. They have also installed a video alarm of 28 thousand rupees to know who is outside the van. McKenzie says that not having a bathroom is a bit difficult, but she loves the small challenges of life. She feels free herself and can go anywhere. They do not even have to pay any kind of bill.

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