The woman has not gone on vacation for years due to the pet bird, said- ‘I feel afraid of separation’

His Pet Owner Relationship is very special for any owner. They either want to keep them with them all the time, if this is not possible, then they themselves avoid going anywhere. Janelle, who lives in the state of California in the United States, has also refrained from leaving her house ever since she brought home an American bird like a woodpecker. He is always worried about his pet toucan (Separation Anxiety).

Janelle says that her pet Touki is like her child to her. He can be left for 1-2 hours, but he is up to you, so it is difficult to leave him for several days. Janel’s pet bird Touki had come with him two years ago. He had to be left alone at home, so since then his mistress has not gone out anywhere on holidays.

I don’t feel like except pet bird
Janelle hasn’t made plans for an outdoor vacation anywhere for the past two years, because of her cute Pet Bird Toucan. He says that Tuki cannot live without him and he also gets depressed after being separated from him. No matter how strange it may sound, but Janelle has stopped moving because of the talkie. They do not go out for the night without leaving any elder near the toilet. 35-year-old Janelle’s love for a pet bird may sound funny to you, but she says that she keeps jumping and jumping like a child, so she needs care.

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Raised Touki together with girlfriend
Janelle and her girlfriend Ellie Jarutsky spotted Touki during a wildlife trip in Las Vegas. He was only a few weeks old when they brought him home in June 2019. In the beginning he was very shy and quiet. He was hurt too. After falling in love with this lesbian couple, Tuki also became very attached to them. Now the situation is such that when either of the two leaves, he starts shouting. When his owners come, he starts making noise like parrots. According to his nature, Tuki also sits outside the house on trees, but he gets peace only after coming back home.

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