The remains of a 71-year-old man found in the stomach of a 12-feet-long crocodile! had gone missing in a severe storm

Everyone knows how dangerous crocodiles are, but have you ever thought that human remains found in Alligator Stomach can also be found in the stomach of a crocodile! Of course this is shocking but it has become true. Recently, the remains of a missing man have been found from the stomach of a crocodile. This news stunned everyone and investigation is going on regarding the remains of the man.

A crocodile has been found in New Orleans, USA, from whose stomach the remains of a 71-year-old man have been found. Timothy Satterlee was last seen on August 30 during a storm. In those days there was a hurricane named Ida Hurricane in New Orleans, which caused a lot of destruction. Timothy was out of his house during the storm when he suddenly disappeared. His family feared that he was washed away in the flood waters. But about two weeks after the accident, the detectives found that a 12 feet long and 225 kg crocodile had been killed and human remains were found in its stomach. When the remains were examined, everyone was surprised because they were parts of Timothy’s body.

DNA test revealed
Doctors mixed DNA samples of human remains with Timothy’s sons and they matched. According to reports, the 11 point DNA match of the remains and the children was being done, which proved that the remains belonged to the missing person. Experts estimate that Timothy must have been attacked by a crocodile the day after the storm. Tourists often go to see crocodiles at the place from where the crocodile has been found. This place is not too far from the house of the missing person.

Wife told about crocodile attack
The man’s 68-year-old wife had also claimed in a statement to the police that a big crocodile had attacked her as soon as she came out of the house. It is being speculated from this that there must have been a crocodile in the flood water which must have passed near the person’s house. The woman had told that as soon as her husband came out, a crocodile attacked her. The man shouted to his wife and also said that she should take a boat and go for help. The woman told that her husband was seriously injured. She had made her husband sit on the stairs in the flood water and herself went to ask for help. When she returned with help, her husband was not present there.

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