The player used to drink ‘magical water’ to keep himself fit, suddenly fell down half a jaw

Being fit is most important for a sportsman. If a player is ill then he is unable to concentrate in sports. Many times the player gets injured during the game, but in some cases, the players themselves cause such damage to themselves, which is impossible to compensate. Something similar happened with Eben, who was born in America’s very rich house. Eben was a great player. But due to a medicine, half of his face fell off.

Born in 1880, Eben won gold medals in several championships during the 1900s. But in 1927, after getting injured during the game, doctors prescribed him Radithor. When Eben got energy from this medicine, he became crazy about it. Even after recovering, Eben continued to consume it. After drinking 1400 vials of medicine, suddenly half of his jaw fell down. At the same time, his bones became hollow from inside. As a result, he died at the age of 51.

man jaw dropped due to radioactive water

Born into a wealthy family, Eben’s life is in trouble due to a wrong decision.

medicine has become poison
After Eben’s death, his condition was thoroughly investigated. Medics believe that with the use of Raditour, the injury in his side could have been healed quickly. Because of this, he was advised to drink a small spoonful of Raditour every day. For a few days, Eben started liking its consumption very much. He started feeling very agile due to this medicine, due to which he started drinking about one bottle of Raditour every day. In a year, he got so addicted to this medicine that he would swallow three bottles of it in a day. As a result, in 1931, suddenly his jaw fell off.

man jaw dropped due to radioactive water

Eben died at the age of 51 after taking the wrong drug overdose

no pain
When Eben’s jaw dropped, he felt no pain. Actually, his nerves had become numb due to drinking Raditour. Doctors tried to connect his jaw but failed. After his death in 1932, his body was preserved by the doctors. Later in 1965, his body was removed and tested. Even after so many years, radioactive particles were found in his dead body. The biggest truth about Eben’s death that came to the fore was that the doctor who had prescribed this medicine to Eben was not actually a doctor. He had fooled many people through false degrees. He made many people consume it by telling Raditaur as a medicine. Due to which the lives of many people got in trouble.

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