The person’s memory went back 20 years overnight, prepared to go to school, told his wife the kidnapper

We sometimes think about how good our childhood was. We want to relive the memories of going to school and having fun with friends, but imagine how it would feel if we behave like childhood at this age? This (Man lost his memory overnight) has happened to a person in Texas, USA. This 37 year old man has lost his memory overnight (Man lost his 20 years memory overnight). He is living his childhood in middle age. He does not even remember his wife and daughter.

Hearing the incident that happened to Daniel Porter, a Hearing Specialist by profession and father of a daughter, you will be stunned. Daniel slept comfortably at night and when his eyes opened in the morning (Overnight Memory Loss), he was neither recognizing his room nor the wife sleeping next to him. He started preparing to go to school instead of office, because his memory had gone back 20 years (Man lost his 20 years memory overnight). He considered himself a high school student.

20 years of life forgotten overnight
This is very strange to hear, but this has happened with Daniel. When he woke up one morning, he started feeling like his wife was a stranger and he even thought that she was some stranger woman who had kidnapped him. He was thinking of himself as a high school student and when he saw himself in the mirror, he could not believe how he could be so fat and old at the age of 17? His wife Ruth and 10-year-old daughter tried hard to tell him about themselves but he could not remember anything.

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Daniel Porter has forgotten his daughter after losing his memory. (Credit-Daniel Porter/Facebook)

The person started living his childhood by going to the parents’ house
Eventually his wife took him to his parents’ place. Upon reaching there, Daniel remembered his home and was convinced that he was safe here. However, even then he could not remember about his last 20 years of life. They do not even recognize themselves by looking in the mirror. Neither does he remember any incident in the last 20 years nor does he remember any studies done after high school. They are scared like children even after seeing their pets and have left their profession.

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Memory did not return even after a year
His family says that earlier doctors had named it as Short Term Memory Loss and said that he would remember everything in 24 hours. Although a year has passed now, Daniel has not remembered any incident that happened in the last 20 years. Doctors say that Daniel’s memory may be lost due to emotional stress. Since January 2020, his life has been full of turmoil. He lost his job, had to sell the house and also had to deal with slip discs. Doctors say that due to the deep shock, his mind has forgotten everything in the past. However, forgetting only 20 years of life remains a puzzle even for doctors.

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