The person who left the job of the bank became a ‘lizard’, till now this dragon has spent millions

There are people with different types of hobbies in the world. Somebody likes to look beautiful. There is a tattoo lover. You must have seen someone tattooing his entire body. But what we are talking about today, he fell in love with lizards so much that he made his whole body like a dragon. After working in the bank sector for years, Richard Hernandez, who lived in Los Angeles, USA, did such a transformation that everyone was surprised. Richard also left his job for this transformation.

Today people know Richard as Tiamat Legion Medusa. He has spent close to 61 lakhs on himself. With this money, he has completely changed his body. He has grown horns in his body. He has bitten off his tongue and ear. People also call Richard the Dragon Lady. So far after extreme transformation, Richard wants to get his private part cut. Richard, who has become a female from a male, has completely changed his body. In this, through hormones, she has also increased her breast.

Now wants to get the private part cut
Los Angeles resident Richard is now determined to be genderless. He told the media that now he neither wants to be a woman nor a woman. He is preparing to cut his private part. He told that he himself would like to be called like a commodity. Once working in a bank on a good salary, Richard has done himself an extreme transformation in the last few years. People are shocked to see his change.

dragon lady

Man completely changed his body to look like a lizard (Image- Internet)

childhood was difficult
Richard also shared his sad childhood with the people. Richard told that his parents left him in childhood. After this, he introduced the snake to the people as his parents. According to Richard, now known as the Dragon Lady, there were many snakes living in the forest where his parents had left him alone. But the snakes did not harm him. After this Richard accepted snakes as his parents. When Richard was 11 years old, Richard realized that he was gay. For the next few years, Richard secretly treated himself like a girl. But later he decided to transform himself.

dragon lady

Richard loves to call himself Lady Dragon (Image: Internet)

Got Extreme Modifications
Richard first worked in a bank for a few years. At a very young age, he achieved progress in the banking sector. But after that he realized that his life is not for the job of nine to six. He decided to get his body modified. He got many tattoos done on his body. At the same time, he got his tongue, his ears cut off. He also grew horns on his forehead to make himself a dragon. Lady Richard is very happy with this makeover. But now by 2025, he is preparing to become a complete dragon.

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