The parcel was being stolen continuously from the gate of the house, the woman put the disgusting thing in the box for revenge

You must have also heard from childhood that stealing is a bad thing. People know this, but despite this, people do not deter from stealing. Unless they are taught a lesson, such people do not give up their actions. One such case of teaching a lesson to a thief is going viral on social media. This incident has come to light from New York. Where a woman got upset due to the incident of parcel theft from outside her house. When he saw a man stealing his parcel from the door, he decided to teach the thief a lesson.

The woman used to do online shopping. Most of her orders were delivered when she was not at home. In such a situation, the delivery boy used to leave his order at the door. But when the woman came home, her parcels were missing. In such a situation, the woman traced the thief by putting a camera in the door of the house. The woman saw that a man took the order from the door and ran away. He was constantly stealing his orders. After seeing this, the woman decided to teach him a lesson.

woman packed poo in amazon box

(image via tiktok)

The woman shared the incident with her on an account named “Destiny Marin” on Tiktok. The woman lives in Brooklyn, New York. He told that with the security camera of the door, he opened the secret of the boxes being stolen from outside his house. He saw that the same person was repeatedly stealing these boxes from outside his house. To teach a lesson to the man, the woman made a plan.

woman packed poo in amazon box

(image via tiktok)

The woman did potty in a box inside her house. After this, packed the box well and kept it outside your house. The woman decided to record it. After a while the man came to the woman’s door. He picked up the box and left. The man had no idea that this time his box was filled with disgusting things, not gifts. People are very fond of this video of the woman.

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