The mother was breast-feeding the child in the restaurant, the staff pulled out, said- ‘Don’t come back!’

A surprising case has come to light from America. Here a husband and wife and their child were thrown out by the restaurant staff just because the woman was breastfeeding her child in the restaurant. After the case, many women have gheraoed outside the restaurant. People are surprised that how can such narrow minded people live in a country like America.

Ruby Meeden of Washington, USA, and her husband Aaron recently became parents to their second child. He decided that he would introduce his newborn child to his family. For this the couple chose their favorite restaurant. Both were waiting for the family sitting in the restaurant, when the child got hungry and started crying. In such a situation, Ruby started breastfeeding the child by turning her face towards the wall. Within no time the restaurant owner came to him and started asking him to leave the restaurant immediately. When Aaron asked the reason, he did not say anything and warned that he should not come to that restaurant again.

breastfeeding mother asked to leave restaurant

The restaurant owner wrote this message in response to a Google review (Photo: Facebook)

The husband and wife felt very bad after this, so Aaron decided that he would give a star in the review section of the restaurant on Google and express his displeasure. Aaron said- “We were asked to leave the restaurant and we were not given any reason so we will not go to that hotel again.” The owner of the restaurant also responded to Aaron’s review, which everyone is stunned to read. The owner wrote- “Thank you for deciding not to come here again. Don’t come here again to breastfeed your baby. This is my restaurant so my rules will follow here. The restaurant is treated like civilized people, not animals. There is a place for everything. My place is not made to feed your baby. Sorry.” To the reply of the owner, Aaron has shared a screenshot of the owner’s review on the Facebook group of his area, seeing which the women are furious. When he protested outside the restaurant, the owner had to close the restaurant and the account has also been deleted from social media.

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