The mother got angry when the daughter stopped her from driving after drinking alcohol, dragged the 8-year-old girl with the car!

A surprising incident has been detected from California, USA. Here an unkind mother dragged her 8-year-old daughter with a car in which she suffered serious injuries. The daughter had just stopped her drunk mother from driving the car. The woman felt so bad that she treated the girl like this. But the woman did not stop here, after that what she did with the police is also quite shocking. Let us tell you what is this whole matter.

According to the report of Daily Mail, when 44-year-old Erin Garcia sat in the car to drive the car after getting drunk, her 8-year-old daughter stopped her. He grabbed the handle of the passenger door of the car and requested his mother not to drive the car while intoxicated. But Erin was intoxicated and lost her senses. When the girl interrupted, she got angry and immediately started the car and increased it. The girl’s hand was stuck with the handle and she dragged along with the car and went some distance. After driving the car for about 300 feet, a man present there stopped the woman and started telling her her mistake that the woman again increased her car and dragged that person along with the car.

After this Erin fled from the spot. When the police got information about this, they reached the house of the woman’s mother. There the police saw the girl who was badly hurt. They sent the girl to the hospital and started searching for the woman. The woman was hiding behind the house, in the bushes. When a policeman went to arrest him, the woman kicked him. The woman was arrested with great difficulty and taken to the Orange County Jail. He has been charged with assault, abusing a child and killing a policeman. Photos and videos related to the woman are becoming quite viral on social media, in which she is seen being arrested by the police.

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