The man was doing potty on the roof of the car! Google Map showed the world a hideous secret

Google Map is a wonderful thing, but sometimes people also have problems with it. Although these problems are more related to direction confusion, but recently a person saw something on Google Map which was very shocking (Bizzare google map photo). When a driver opened Google Map Street View Camera to see the route, he saw a sight that would surprise anyone. Now a photo related to this incident is also going viral on social media.

A photo is becoming increasingly viral on the social media site Reddit. This photo was taken from Google Map’s Street View camera. In the photo, a man is doing potty (Man Poops on Car roof) sitting on top of the car. In the photo, a woman and a small girl are also seen some distance away from the person. This photo is surprising everyone. According to the news of Daily Star, this photo has been taken on Beaver Drive in Wyoming, USA. On social media people are making fun of this unknown person and calling him Poopy Guy.

man poops on car roof

This photo is becoming increasingly viral on the social media site Reddit.

A user wrote on social media that it seems as if the woman standing near that car is laughing. A person remembered the American show Better Call Saul in which there was a similar scene. The photo is not clear, so many people cannot believe that the person is doing abominable work on the car. Some people are writing in the comment that he has climbed up to fix the roof of the car, not the potty. Due to the poor quality of the photo and being taken from a distance, many people do not understand what the person seen in the photo is actually doing. However, most of the people and the posting account believe that the person is pottying on the car itself. At present, there is no information about who actually posted this photo on social media.

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