The man returned home after spending the night with the alien, the wife immediately divorced on seeing the hand

There is still doubt about Aliens News in the world. Some believe that there are aliens, then some say that aliens are just mere imagination (Aliens Real Or Fake). However, due to films and sci-fi serials, a different image of aliens has settled in the minds of people. Some consider these aliens to be good, while some believe that tampering with them is not right. Meanwhile, news related to aliens from America has gained momentum for some time now.

A man living in the US has claimed that aliens had kidnapped him. After this he had put nanochips in the hands of the person. After this the aliens left the person back on earth but his whole life was ruined. After being released on earth, the man’s wife divorced him. The job of a person struggling with his personal life also went away after this. Now he has told the alien responsible for this condition of his life.

Aliens have taken hundreds of times
Steve Colburn, a resident of America, has claimed that so far aliens have kidnapped him hundreds of times. According to Steve, the body of aliens is made of steel. They are gray in appearance. Steve has shared the whole incident with him in America’s Coast to Coast show. He told that his whole life has been destroyed by aliens. His married life is over because of aliens. His wife has divorced him because of aliens. He told that once he saw a UFO near his house and from there the aliens dragged him away. After this, the process of kidnapping started.

aliens divorced man

aliens snatched jobs
Steve told that aliens have kidnapped him many times. After this the aliens put a chip in his hand. Wife divorced him. After the breakup of the relationship, he wanted to focus on his work. But aliens had settled in his mind that he could not even focus on his work and soon he lost his job. Now he is left all alone. He claimed that his wife had also seen aliens. But his wife divorced him, telling Steve responsible for all these things.

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