The man is riding on such a craze of wearing diapers that he does not go to the toilet for several weeks, wore diapers even in his marriage

People have different kinds of whims and they are ready to do anything to fulfill this craze. These days, there is a lot of discussion about an American man who is so obsessed with wearing diapers that even though he does not have any illness, he puts on diapers in between and does not take off diapers for several weeks. Even these days he is using diapers. For more than a month, he has been wearing a man wears diaper everyday. Not only this, in the midst of this craze of wearing diapers, he has not even gone to the toilet for a month.

Maze, who lives in Nebaraska, USA, likes to wear diapers. He used to love wearing diapers since childhood and by growing up, this choice turned into an obsession. Now he is so fond of diapers that he keeps wearing diapers for many days in a row and also does stool and urine in the diaper itself. These days he is wearing diapers and has not used the bathroom for about 5 weeks. He has been using diapers for the last 5 weeks, 24 hours a day, seven days.

Madge explained her passion in a podcast, saying that there are other people like her who like to wear adult diapers. According to him, those people are called ‘Adult Baby Diaper Lovers’. He told that he likes to wear diapers since he was little. At times, he used to sneak under his school uniform and go away wearing diapers. He said that there are some days when he is asked to wear diapers. Then he spends many days in a row wearing diapers. He told in the podcast that diaper wearers experience a different thrill and fun than this.

Madge said she liked the feel of wet diapers. Describing her love for diapers, she said that diapers do not give any different experience, rather wearing them brings a feeling of helplessness and helplessness within themselves which excites diaper lovers, they also like the same experience. Madge said that when she came to know that there are other people who like to wear diapers, she started socializing with them and also married a girl named Manji from the same group. He told that both of them also wore diapers in their wedding but not everyone of the guests knew this.

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