The man acquitted after 29 years of attempting to kill Mamata Banerjee, is now doing this work

New Delhi. A lawsuit sometimes changes someone’s life forever. Something similar happened with Lalu Alam, a resident of Kolkata. He has been the leader of the Communist Party of India-Marxist (CPI-M). A case of attempt to assassinate the current Chief Minister of West Bengal Mamta Banerjee was going on against him. Now 29 years later The court has acquitted from this case. After his release, he has decided to dedicate his life to the society. He is now teaching poor children living in slums and slums. According to him, this is atonement for joining politics in his youth.

Mamta was attacked in 1990
According to the prosecution, on August 16, 1990, the main accused Alam had hit Mamata Banerjee on the head with a stick while she was holding a rally in Hazra Crossing area of ​​South Kolkata. At that time Mamta Banerjee was the leader of Congress. The attack had fractured her head and she was hospitalized in a critical condition for about a month.

After this attack on Mamta Banerjee, many people were arrested by the police and administration. Alam was also one of them. Many accused died during this period. Only Alam remained as an accused. After completing the investigation of the case, the police filed a charge sheet in the Alipore Court and issued an arrest warrant against the accused.

Alam was acquitted on September 12, 2019
On September 12, 2019, the court acquitted Lalu Alam of the charges due to lack of evidence. Additional District Judge Pushpal Satpathy pronounced this decision. A month after his release, Alam told News18, ‘Whenever I look back in my past life, I see decades of darkness. I passed matriculation examination but could not get higher education. It was a turning point for me that I saw myself going in the wrong direction. Whatever happened in the past, I regret it. That’s why I decided to educate poor children and take out the youth trapped in drug addiction.

‘I’m sure people will come with me’
Alam said, ‘It is only education, which builds a better society. I wasted my life by not educating myself. I don’t want these kids to do this in their life too. All they need is a little help. I also have many schemes for the girls living in the slums. I will also give them information about health and hygiene apart from education. I know it is tough but I am sure many people will join me in this.

Alam is also taking cooperation from his relatives and friends to educate the children. He asks them to give old books to the children. A doctor and a psychiatrist are also in touch to bring the children trapped in addiction out of that world.

The attack proved to be the turning point for Mamta.
However, the deadly attack on Mamta Banerjee in 1990 proved to be the turning point for her career. After this attack, people got support in his support. A year after the attack, he had won the South Calcutta seat in the general election on a Congress ticket. After that she also became a Union Minister. In the last few years, Mamta Banerjee had also expressed her desire to forgive Alam on humanitarian grounds and close the case.

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