The gorilla started a dirty act in front of the people who came to visit the zoo, the parents ran away with the children’s eyes closed!

Which child would not like to go on a zoo with their parents? During children’s holidays, parents definitely take them to a zoo or any nature park so that children can come closer to nature. Due to this, the attention of children shifts from the awkward things seen on TV and social media to knowledge. But when something strange starts happening in the zoo itself, then the parents are surprised and they have to run away with the children from there too. Recently something similar happened in a zoo in America.

On September 23 in the city of New York, USA, such an incident happened which is quite funny and it is also embarrassing. Here many children came to visit the Bronx Zoo with their parents. Seeing the rest of the animals, when he reached near Gorillas (Gorillas in Zoo), everyone was enjoying watching his movements that suddenly the male and female Gorillas started forming a relationship (Gorilla intimate act in USA zoo). Seeing the actions of both, the parents present there were stunned and closed the eyes of their children and immediately took them from there. This video is becoming quite viral on social media. The shocked and disturbed voice of the family is clearly heard in the video. And they are also seen removing their children from there.

gorillas oral sex in front of children in zoo

Many parents were embarrassed by the gorilla’s actions. The video is going viral on social media. (Photo: Screenshot of Twitter video)

Talking to the New York Post, a father said- “I was shocked to see that action of the gorillas. Even though it was a natural act, it was surprising. At the same time, a father said- “I went with my 4-year-old girl and niece. I was making videos of children that suddenly I saw such an act of gorillas. I immediately removed the children from there.” The video of this act of Gorilla is becoming very viral on Twitter and other social media platforms (Gorilla in Zoo video). Many people are giving their opinion by commenting on the video. Some people came in support of two gorillas and started saying that zoo people have violated their privacy by keeping gorillas in glass cages. Now if they are doing this then there is nothing wrong in it.

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