The girl went on a date with her boyfriend wearing very tight jeans, after 8 hours, the terrible condition of the thigh

Every girl in the world is fond of fashion. Everyone wants to look very beautiful. Especially if she is going out with her loved one. Wearing tight half pants on his date became a burden for Sam. Sam chose tight pants to go on a date with his boyfriend. But due to walking wearing it, he got a wound in his thigh. The wound took such a terrible form (Injury By Tight Denims) that finally Sam had to go straight to the hospital a few days after the date, where the doctors admitted him to the ICU.

Sam shared this incident with him on his Tiktok account. Where after coming from her date, the girl got such an infection that she went straight to the hospital. His infection increased so much that he was directly admitted to the ICU. Regarding his condition, Sam told that until a few days after coming from the date, he could not feel the part below his waist. His condition got so bad that in a few days he had to be admitted to the hospital.

tight sorts leads to icu

The infection got so bad that Sam had to go to the hospital.

difficulty walking
Sam went on a date with her boyfriend. During this, she was wearing very tight half pants. For eight hours, the girl kept wearing pants. After this, when she returned home, she started having pain under her waist. She started feeling bad, after which she went to the doctor. Initially he was given some antibiotics. The doctors thought that he had a skin infection. The same medicine was given by the doctors. But Sam’s condition did not improve. The very next day, Sam started having trouble walking, after which she crawled to the doctors.

Admitted in ICU immediately
When Sam went to the doctor for the second time, seeing the condition of his leg there, the doctors immediately admitted him to the ICU. Doctors told that he had sepsis and cellulitis. He had to be immediately admitted to the ICU to prevent infection. But fortunately he did not undergo surgery. Regarding his condition, Sam told that he had to constantly show the wound to the doctors by taking off his pants, which was a very embarrassing experience.

tight sorts leads to icu

Sam was admitted to the ICU due to surgery

Pants of expensive brand
Sam, who reached home after recovering from the hospital, told that she wore very expensive pants on the date. The fitting of this branded pant was so tight that there was a wound near his thigh. Many times in the 8 hour date, he felt that he was having problems because of the pants but he ignored it. But after this his condition started deteriorating. In the night he noticed that he had a wound near his thigh, in which the pain was increasing with every day. Eventually due to this pain, he had to be admitted to the ICU. At the moment Sam has come to his house. He has now been advised rest by the doctors.

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